Rutherglen and Hamilton West

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Tactical voting websites currently disagree on which party to vote for.

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any remain party tick recommends voting for any remain party.
Scottish National Party tick Remain United recommends voting for Scottish National Party.
Labour tick recommends voting for Labour.

Why do tactical voting websites disagree?

Some websites base their suggestions on the 2017 General Election, while others use recent opinion polls.

Will Labour gain voters during a successful election campaign, like in 2017? Or will the Liberal Democrats sustain the momentum gained during the European Parliament elections?

Use your local knowledge: keep an eye on local newspapers, election leaflets, and social media.


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Thank you for voting. Polls have closed.

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Election results

General Election 2019

General Election 2017

General Election 2015

European Parliament 2019

More polling and analysis

Our own analysis

Our analysis of past elections does not give a recommendation in this constituency.
  • It is not certain which remain party to back: in the scenarios below, more than one remain party could win.

Which outcomes are possible?

75% Remain victory - SNP won
17% Remain can win if we work together. The largest party is Scottish National Party.
8% Remain victory - Labour won

2019 European Parliament results, adjusted for recent opinion polls

2019 European Parliament election results, adjusted for Lib Dem-leaning opinion polls

2019 European Parliament election results, adjusted for Labour-leaning opinion polls


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